Westlake CB773 L5 is popular amongst wheeled loader operators in Europe
December 10 , 2019

Westlake’s CB773 L5 pattern is a favorite amongst a growing number of wheeled loader operators in Europe. 

This is due to the excellent traction and long life being experienced by these end users.

Westlake’s European OTR Sales Manager, John Ruddy, recently experienced the long life and excellent traction being achieved by an end user based in Ireland, who is operating a Doosan DL550 wheeled loader running on Westlake 29.5 R 25 CB773. This Doosan wheeled loader is operating in a sand and gravel quarry where traction is very important to the machine operator. This wheeled loader has been running on Westlake’s CB773 pattern for over 3,500 hours to date and is projected to achieve an amazing 20,000 working hours based on the machines current working environment.

Westlake CB773 L5 is popular amongst wheeled loader operators in Europe

This end user is operating four wheeled loaders and two articulated dump trucks. Due to the excellent cost per hour he is experiencing from Westlake OTR tyres, this end user has also started to move his articulated dump trucks onto Westlake’s CB763 E4 tyres.

We are very happy to learn about another satisfied customer of our OTR tyres.

Please get in contact to tell us about your experience of Westlake OTR tyres, we would love to share your experiences with our growing family of satisfied end users throughout Europe and the rest of the world.